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Naked soldiers are best to be admired during their everyday duties like in the bath or showers and even during the military training.

Recently I have downloaded an army punishment scene from one of the British TV mini-series. A soldier is told to strip down completely and listen for the commander’s rude words, and then he lies down on the ground and receives some water splashes from the bucket.

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Naked marines were popular in the vintage gay erotica magazines. Here is a gallery of some of good examples from that past era.

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Army medical examination

Before the military service conscripts a re passing several medical examination and when they become recruits there are also many visits of the military doctor who checks their condition regularly.

Usually during these army physical examinations soldiers are said to stay in line and take off all the clothes all together

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Nice and hot soldier boys with nicknames Rodrigez and Santos perform naked sex shows on one of the cam chats! They got a very cute chat room decorated with military fetish things like camouflage, military uniform and soldier’s helmet.

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Hot Italian guy proves that Italy is a land of love and sex. The nickname of this stripper is Eros that comes from the Roman God of Love and it suits him for 100% with his tattoos on the muscle body. He got very hot male striptease show in the Special ops uniform.

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Now we got a nice oppoertunity to enjoy male strippers on-line without visiting special clubs, moreover most of them are for women public only. For those who like miliatry fetish there are also several stripping shows in the military uniform, like this model with the name Ivan in the air commander uniform.

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On the video I bought recently you can see naked soldiers washing together at the shower. They are all muscle and hairy that turns me on very much. If you will get this movie you will enjoy a crowd of naked enlisted men in different locker rooms and showers!

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